Urgent- Timely Notice -Funds for Grover Cleveland Visitors Center (Please read)

The NJ Assembly and Senate have passed the bills authorizing release of funding for the Grover Cleveland Visitors Center but Governor Murphy has not signed them as of today.  He has until Tuesday morning to sign them or in effect they are pocket vetoed and the process must begin all over again.
Could you please get word out to the membership and friends asking them to call Governor Murphy’s office at 609-292-6000 tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday before 4 pm and tell the staffer answering the phone that you are asking the governor to sign Assembly bill 6111 /Senate bill S 4312 releasing the funds to make construction of the Grover Cleveland Visitors Center possible? It would be helpful to add a reason (like such a valuable NJ treasure with no public bathrooms or place to gather out of the weather, , how the site is supported by many local volunteers who put on public events, potentially of economic benefit to Caldwell , etc.)
We are so close!  Every phone call is important because it means that the public supports these bills and believes them to be important to the state.  They didn’t even ask my name.
Alternatively,  a message can be sent to Governor Murphy by googling   NJ Governor or Governor’s Office, choosing select and the form which allows an individual or group to leave a message.  
I would also ask that the Women’s Club of Caldwell leave a message supporting these bills. 
Thanks for your help!



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