Our Gardens


The Women’s Club of Caldwell is committed to the care and maintenance of two local gardens. One is the triangle garden at the intersection of Westville Avenue and Brookside Avenue in Caldwell; the other is the Children’s Garden at Jefferson School in West Caldwell, NJ. Led by our own Master Gardener Phyllis Kent, our club members donate many hours of work, planting, cleaning up, finding funds, and designing the garden space each month in order to keep our gardens weed-free, butterfly-enriched, and beautiful for the community to enjoy.
Please enjoy the photos we post and the actual gardens as you walk, ride by, or if you visit Jefferson School, any time of the year.

Jefferson School Garden in Bloom.


Triangle Garden

Jefferson School Garden

Phyllis Kent works all year to create an enriching gardening experience for the students at Jefferson School West Caldwell. Recently, vegetables were delivered to the Caldwell food pantry in order to provide much-needed food for those struggling with the economics associated with Covid -19.