Service Scholarship Award

As a part of our community outreach and recognition for service, the Women’s Club of Caldwell (WCC) awards five (5) $1500 scholarships to deserving Caldwell area high school Seniors each year. The focus of these Scholarships is to recognize students who have performed outstanding service to the local community during their high school tenure. We look at the student’s resume highlighting the type of service and the number of hours served as well as grades, extracurricular activities, employment, and awards.  The required essay also asks students to reflect upon their service and the impact it has had on their personal growth and on the community at large.

Applications and related requirements, are part of the scholarship literature that is disseminated to the students by each High School Guidance Department.  Digital download may be  available there. The application period is usually from January to April of the students senior year.

The WCC’s education committee reviews all completed applications and selects the recipients in the spring.  Scholarships are presented at the awards ceremony that takes place in each high school In June.

Awards for the 2018-19 school year were distributed as follows:

James Caldwell High School (two)

West Essex Regional High School (two)

Mount Saint Dominic High School (one) (Mary Crump Scholarship)


For West Essex area high school seniors attending James Caldwell High School, West Essex High School, and Mount St. Dominic Academy.
Please send completed application, resume and essay to
Don’t forget to contact the guidance department at your high school to send the
transcript and letter of recommendation to